For direct CBT number Call/txt Calvin direct on 07496386772

CBT’s From £70 on your own bike

If you’ve taken your previous CBT two years ago on the same category bike with MSM.  

CBT certificate needed to validate discounted course.

Male and Female Instructors. ADI Training, car lessons, DAS and Post test  Call/txt Mike om 07792547278 or Email Stockholm Rd Sutton Fields Hull HU7 0XY


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CBT retake/refresher course with MSM on the same category bike.

Would need to bring your last MSM CBT certificate for validation.



CBT taken for the 1st time on Moped.



CBT taken for the 1st time on your own Moped.

£10 discount.



CBT taken for the 1st time on geared 125cc.



CBT taken on own geared 125cc.

£10 discount.



CBT retake/refresher course perhaps taken with another company 

on the same category bike.


Would need to bring your last CBT certificate for validation.


Sturdy footwear is required i.e. walking boots covering ankles preferably motorcycle boots.

Jeans is acceptable preferably motorcycle trousers.

If none of the above is accessible MSM will provide all free of charge along with motorcycle jackets.


There are five elements that make up the course


A: Introduction and understand the purpose of a CBT.


Licencing and an eyesight check is required. 

Topics cover helmets, the importance of wearing the right clothing and legal requirements needed.


B: Practical on-site training.


Covers an introduction of the motorbike controls, safety checks, use of the stands, wheeling the motorbike, and starting and stopping the engine.


C: Practical on-site riding.


Covers off road riding including moving off, stopping, riding in a straight line, riding slowly, practicing steering manoeuvres, figure of 8, U Turns, using the brakes, and changing gear if required.


D: Practical on-road training.


Theory based session covering: The highway code, staying safe on the road, legal requirements, road positioning and attitude.


E: Practical on-road riding.


A minimum of two hours riding on the road dealing with different situations and hazards with your trainer to show you are safe to continue learning on your own.

If you require any additional training you can book back in again at no extra cost one more time.